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Great School Escapes

Our Great School Escapes take place on Poudre School District school-out days and are available for students in grades K-5. Each Great School Escape runs 8:30 am to 3:30 pm. The cost is $25 per child for members or $50 per child for non-members.

Pick up and drop off for all Great School Escapes will take place at our East Drake site, please click here for directions. In case of cold weather, we may transport students to the CSU main campus to use an indoor space. Parents will be informed in advance of any off-site field trips. Please note that if the weather forecast is favorable, we will spend the entire day at the East Drake site and most of the day will be spent outside.

Naturalist Champions

During our Great School Escapes this fall, see if you have the knowledge and skills to be a Naturalist Champion! You’ll be put on a team with other kids your age and, after creating a team name and flag, you’ll face a series of challenges related to the day’s topic. You’ll need to work together to overcome obstacles and use your knowledge of the natural world to earn points. Put your naturalist skills to the test and see if you have what it takes to be a Naturalist Champion!

We have full and partial scholarships available, please call us at (970) 491-1661 or email us at if you are interested in a scholarship.

Registration will open at 8 am on Friday, August 24. Click here to register.

September 21: Insects

Join us as we practice catching praying mantises, search for spider webs and explore all the creepy crawlies that call the ELC home! We’ll get an up close look at insects and all the special adaptations that help them survive.

This program is now full, please email us at to be added to the wait list.

October 18 and 19: Birds and Mammals

On Thursday, we’ll explore the colorful, noisy and sometimes messy world of birds. The ELC is a favorite resting spot for many migratory birds, so we’ll take out the binoculars and see how many we can spot.

On Friday, we’ll shift gears to our furry friends, mammals! These elusive creatures are harder to spot, but we will explore the property looking for tracks, scat and other evidence of where they’ve been.

Both the October 18 and 19 programs are now full, please email us at to be added to the wait lists.

November 12: Migration, Hibernation and Adaptation

As the days get shorter and colder, every animal has to adjust to the changing seasons. We’ll explore all the ways that animals and plants at the ELC deal with the coming of winter.

This program is now full, please email us at to be added to the wait list.


Summer Day Camps

Thanks for participating in our 2018 summer day camps! Pictures from the summer will be posted online soon!