After School Programs

We offer after school programs for the Poudre and Thompson School Districts.
Formats can vary to meet the needs of your school and families, though a
typical format is to meet weekly for six weeks.  These programs focus on learning
through hands-on indoor and outdoor environmental education experiences.

Program details

  • Each program can be adapted for either K -2nd  or 3rd -5th  grade
  • 20 students per program maximum
  • Incorporates State Educational Standards and school’s academic goals
  • All programs will be interdisciplinary, incorporating math, reading and writing
  • All programs will have outdoor component as weather permits
  • $25/6 week program/child; Scholarships available

Program descriptions

Young Experimenters
Students will participate in hands-on experiments from all disciplines of science. Students will use the scientific method, record data and experiment while connecting to their natural environment. Students will be able to ask questions about the natural world and discover the answers first hand!

Eco Kids
This program is for the kids who like to experience nature first hand.  Students will learn about the life that exists all around them, from the micro-organisms present in a handful of soil to the large plants and animals that reside in our Colorado environment. Emphasis will be placed on the interdependence of all life forms, direct observation skills and the purpose of plant and animal adaptations.

Conservation Club
The three principles of conservation (reduce, reuse, recycle) will guide this program. We will reduce our impact by learning about natural alternative energy such as the solar energy harnessed in a solar oven. We will have fun reusing materials in projects such as garbage art. We will recycle everything we can from bottles to banana peels while exploring the excitement of compost and worm bins!

Wild about Wildlife
Kids love animals and this program is dedicated to learning about just that!  Students will learn about the adaptations that help wildlife survive and the ecosystems in which they live. They will become expert trackers as they learn how to identify wildlife as well as tracks and scat. Focusing on wildlife that call Colorado home will help students appreciate the natural areas that are right outside their doors!

Garden Club
What better way to kick off the planting season than a program about gardening? Students will learn everything about plants from the ground up (pun intended)!  This program will cover a number of topics from soil formation and the rock cycle to the parts of a plant and how to keep them growing strong. This program focuses on observation, recording data and getting our hands dirty as we learn about agriculture and how things grow.


If you are interested in having an after school program at your school, email us at or call us at (970) 491-1661.