Membership to the ELC includes a number of benefits that support the organization and can also save you money via program discounts. Your membership is also a contribution to the ELC that enables us to pursue other valuable efforts. Currently our membership dollars support (1) outreach and partnership-building to serve lower income schools and families, (2) our citizen-science wildlife monitoring program and (3) our efforts to manage invasive weeds on our acreage including leafy spurge, salt cedar and Russian olive. Please consider becoming a member by making a tax-deductible membership donation.

Membership options:

Adopt an Acre ($75+)
Family Membership ($50)
Individuals ($25)

Membership benefits:

  • Discounts to ELC programs, including Great School Escapes and Summer Day Camps
  • Invitations to member-only events and programs
  • Entry into the ELC’s Annual Rubber Duckie River Rapid Race

Click here to become a member.