It’s getting colder, but there is still so much exploring to do outdoors!

As we enter the chilly months of the year, there are still many ways to get outside and explore! Below is a list of some fun activities to do this fall!

  1. Visit a pumpkin patch or apple orchard
  2. Play in the leaves – Jump into piles or even make a maze
  3. Drink hot cider or hot chocolate while observing the stars
  4. Take a walk and step on the crunchiest leaves while looking at fall colors
  5. Grab some small trinkets and go geocaching
  6. Spend time creating nature crafts (See ideas below!)


Fall Nature Craft Ideas:

Pumpkin Houses: This fun craft allows you to collect materials from your own backyard and make a small home out of a pumpkin! Simply cut out a few windows and a door in the side of your pumpkin, and then decorate using collected leaves and rocks etc.

  • Materials: Each house will be made with one small pumpkin. Next, collect sticks, rocks, leaves any anything else which may be useful for your house! Ultimately, we want small things for a small house!
  • Optional Materials: Fairy garden materials or doll house trinkets such as small tables etc.

Row of pumpkins

Bark/Pine cone Owl: Form an owl using collected bark or pine cones as the base of your owl! Simply break bark into the shape of an owl. Then use hot glue to attach items such as seeds or leaves to act as eyes or the owl’s beak.

  • Materials: Collect bark, pine cones, acorns, seeds, leaves etc. outside to use for your bark owl!
    • Optional Materials: Small googly eyes

Pine cone that has been decorated like an owl


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