Birds Without Borders

Photo courtesy of George Glarklavs

Last weekend we partnered with Trees Water People, Audubon of the Rockies, Gardens on Spring Creek, Bird Conservancy of the Rockies to bring you Pajaros Sin Fronteras (Birds Without Borders), an innovative program that educates the community about bird migration and bird banding. One of our staff stars, Aaro,n had a few words to say about the event, “The program Pajaros sin Fronteras (Birds Without Borders) was a celebration of the beginning of Migratory Bird Season. As the fall rolls around many of our native North American and Colorado birds begin the long migration south to Mexico and Central America. There are many obstacles along the way, but every year many birds make the long trek south to warmer climates and over-wintering grounds (350 species in the US). The event itself featured organizations sharing knowledge about birds, and their habitats, migrations, and conservation.” It was a great success and brought awareness to our community about bird migration and bird banding.

Photo courtesy of George Glarklavs


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