Notes from our reflection on what we are thankful for at the ELC.

Director’s Cut – Giving Thanks

I’m fairly new to this blogging thing, but I’m pretty sure you can’t host a blog this time of year and not do a ‘what are you thankful for’ post. So, that’s what we’re going to do for this second installment of the Director’s Cut. Last week, during our staff meeting, I asked our staff […]

Director’s Cut – Connection to Nature

Here it is. The inaugural Director’s Cut. What is it? Well, ultimately, we shall see, but when the idea initially came to me (during a trail run, of course) my intention was to personalize the ELC a bit. To give you a better idea of who we are as an organization – what drives us, […]

Summer Camps, Summer Camps, Sum, Sum, Summer Camps…

Oh my, what fun we have been having at the ELC! We just finished up our second summer day camp and we held our 8th (?) annual Rubber Ducky River Rapid Race this past Saturday. During summer camp, campers honed their naturalist skills as they learned how to identify plants, core trees, classify insects, measure […]

Summer time at the ELC

Though summer has not officially begun, the summer season at the ELC is in full swing. Andy is busy in the garden, Max is attacking invasive weeds on a daily basis and Gem and Nigel led the way through our first summer day camp. In addition, we’ve had several groups of daycare kids and even […]

It’s Spring, It’s Spring!

Hi all! This is Nicole and I will be the ELC’s resident blogger for the summer. As program director, I don’t get out of the office enough, but I am making it my goal this summer to spend a lot of time at the ELC. I will be blogging about my observations and findings on […]

We're back! (does happy dance) Get excited people

We’re back! (does happy dance) Get excited people

Ladies and gentlemen (drum roll please…) the new ELC website is officially HERE!!! (Literally) Stop by every now and then to stay updated weekly on volunteer day opportunities, Great School Escapes, and any other adventures we crafty people may have up our sleeves. To Start off- Welcome! We are so glad you have decided to […]